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Shine Supply | Rupes Advanced Paint Correction & Wet sanding Training Class.

Ventura, California - 2017

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About Distinguished Details:

Hi, my name is Quinn Martinkewiz, owner of Distinguished Details here in beautiful Lubbock, TX. Since 2013 I have made it my goal to bring this town a new type of automotive care that most people here are not used to. I saw a plethora of overnight pop-up style car washes and "detail" shops that were run by untrustworthy individuals that were trying to make a quick buck and would end up disappearing after only a few months in business. I also noticed that the "detail" operations were all performing the same type of service for their clients, like the typical "vac n' wash" or "wash n' wax" but not really offering anything beyond that. This made their biggest competitor the drive-through car wash and running their whole business off the mentality of working as fast as possible and being cheaper than the other guy. This is no way to run a successful business and left a bad taste in my mouth and has pinned a stigma on the world of automotive detailing in this town.

Passion for Quality Automotive Refinement

Fueled by a deep love for automobiles and a passion for automotive refinement, I started my journey and set out to essentially completely change the auto detail market in Lubbock, TX. We are not a quantity based detail center. We do not focus on the number of jobs we can complete in a week. I have found guys bragging about doing eight to ten cars in a day. In our detail studio, we often will work on one car for three full days and have performed restoration details that exceeded several weeks. We have spent countless hours researching, training, and refining our processes to ensure every approach we take will leave your car in the best shape it has ever been in; without incurring damage like scratches or wash induced swirls.

Our Love & Specialty is Paint Correction

Our love and specialty here at Distinguished Details is paint correction. This is the process of leveling out the clear coat to remove wash scratches, marring, factory paint defects, body shop defects, holograms, buffer/rotary trails and overall defects from improper care, wether it be by you, the dealership or the previous owner. This process will also restore and enhance the gloss and quality of the paint, leaving you with that dripping wet paint look. We then skip the wax and instead top your paint with an advanced paint sealer or coat the paint with one of our Modesta Ceramic Coatings. Our coatings will last years instead of months and protect your vehicles paint from damage in ways that waxes and sealers can't. It's important also to mention that we are the only certified installer for Modesta Pure Glass Paint Coatings here in Lubbock and all of West Texas.

High-Quality Training, Products, & Tools

I have personally received training from some of the best detailers and trainers in the industry including Jeremy Stevens Owner of Shine Supply in Ventura California, Jason Rose, Global Director of Training for RUPES and former Training Manager for Meguiars and Jason Killmer of JK Automotive Detailing, winner of multiple Ridler and Pebble Beach awards, just to name a few. We use only the best tools and products in the industry and operate out of a state of the art, temperature-controlled facility that is discrete and monitored by an advanced security system. We are fully licensed and carry a robust insurance policy. So you can rest assured knowing that when you leave your vehicle with us it is protected and in good hands. I look forward to the opportunity to take care of your automobiles.


Trust our professional team for your auto detailing and paint protection needs.